Electric Callus Remover

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Tired of scrubbing your feet with grater-like tools? With this electric callous remover, you'll say good-bye to pumice stone and hello to your favorite sandals! Pamper your feet with spa-like rechargeable pedicure in the comfort of your home. Watch years of callused skin give way to baby-soft skin in just minutes!
Tired of scrubbing your feet for hours in the shower? Innovative design gives you best results in less time. You can even use this electric callus remover while watching TV! Ergonomic design, easy to hold and use. Improved safety lock button. The roller is made of quartz micro mineral crystals designed for long-term use. 11% more surface area in the roller than similar electric callus removers, improving your results.
  • It's unique roller spins 360 degrees, to gently and effectively buff away hard, jagged skin on the soles of heels, spinning rollers quickly and easily buff away rough, callused skin on feet.
  • Ground-breaking device takes the chore out of smoothing skin on the feet, effectively and safely removes the toughest callus and dried skin on your foot.
  • Quick and easy removal of the corns, thick dead skin, calluses, chapped cuticles. Leaves your feet looking and feeling baby soft and perfect.
  • The callous roller is water resistant, not include device body, you can wash roller directly under the water.
  • ABS plastic material, more safer and effective than metal scrapers and easier to use than a pumice stone.
  • Ergonomics design, portable and easy to hold to use.

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