Luxurious Leopard Keychain

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Leopard is one of most fascinating animals, and an extraordinarily powerful totem. We are draw to him, captivated by watching him and we seem to be hypnotized by his presence.

Leopard is the fierciest of the big cats, and like Artemis the Greek Goddess reigns as the archetypal hunter...they each carry the energy of a warrior god or goddess, always on the hunt.

This will be the best keychain in your life!

This keychain is a masterpiece. Extremely well made, intricately designed and durable.

The double rings are a nice touch so you can separate your car and house keys. It also has a clip so you can attach it to your belt buckle or purse.The dragon head details is of the highest level of craftmanship and quality. It also comes in a nice metal box which makes it the perfect gift.

Great chance to add sparkle to your everyday style and get compliments from everyone who sees it ! Aslo a perfect present for Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Graduation and any Occasion.

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