GPS Kid Watch

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Track your kids anywhere and stop worrying with this GPS Kid Watch!!!

Main Features: 

  • Allows parents to locate their children through a blend of GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi.
  • Store up to 10 phone numbers that the child can call with a touch of a button.
  • In the event of an emergency, the child can press and hold SOS button for 3 seconds to activate. When initiated, this alerts the primary account holder and begins recording the call and background noises.
  • Two-way communication, talk anytime and anywhere.
  • Allows parents can send voice message to children.
  • Ability to create safe zones, parents will receive alert through smartphone when kid out of safe area.
  • Route Tracking history function, can store route history in 30 days.
  • Automatic block call or message send from number not in phonebook. Keep your kids safe and stay focus in class.
  • Pedometer function can track your child's health.
  • Alarm clock function.

For more infomations and features. Please read the user manual inside the product box.

Notes: Due to extremely high demand. Shipping for this product will be delayed by 3 to 5 days. Please allow 10-20 business days for the package to arrive at your door. Thank you for your understanding!