Electric Pulse Back Neck Massager

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Promote local blood circulation, relax the local muscle, achieve anti-inflammatory, detumescence, analgesia, to eliminate fatigue. Apply to cervical spondylosis caused by neck pain, shoulder arm numbness, headache, dizziness symptoms of adjuvant therapy.
Cervical spine physiotherapy instrument uses streamlined design of composite ring body physiological curvature of cervical vertebra, by using low frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, traction three-in-one multi-channel physiotherapy ring to form a highly efficient compound energy field, arrive directly body deep tissue and bone marrow. In the whole process of physical therapy, always maintain the correct posture of the physical posture, for correct physical therapy of the cervical spondylosis provides a scientific platform. Let you enjoy the relaxed, efficient, happy multi-functional system treatment, so you get more value to enjoy!
Power supply: 3VDC30mA (2 AAA batteries)
Packing box size: 220*200*60mm/8.66 * 7.87 * 2.36''
Working environment temperature: +5. C--+40. C;
Relative humidity: more than 80%
Electrical properties:
Pulse frequency: 0HZ-1000HZ
Pulse width: 20us-400us
Timing time of physiotherapy instrument: 15 minutes (+10% error)
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